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Risk assessment guidance

Risk Assessment Guidance

A risk assessment is a detailed inspection of what could cause harm to people in your Mosque, Madrasa, Islamic School or Community Centre.

As an employer, you must carry out a risk assessment under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. The risk assessment will identify hazards and what prevention and control measures are necessary.

There are 5 steps you can follow to carry out a risk assessment:

1: Identify hazards

  • Physical – These are the most common workplace hazards and are anything that can harm the human body such as lifting, slipping or tripping, noise, dust, electricity.
  • Mental – Anything that can negatively affect a worker’s mental state such as long hours and excessive workloads, bullying, stress.
  • Chemical - Anything that can affect a worker’s health with exposure to chemicals such as cleaning fluids, aerosols, asbestos.
  • Biological – Anything that can spread illness or disease such as mold, blood and bodily fluids, sewage, insects and animal and bird droppings.

2: Decide who could be harmed and how from employees to visitors and other members of the public on the premises. Review employee work routines and the situations staff experience. Remember to take extra care for the health and safety of young people, disabled employees and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

3: Consider how likely it is each hazard could cause harm to help determine whether to reduce the level of risk. For each hazard decide whether it is a low, medium or high risk.

4: If you have 5 or more staff you are required to keep a written copy on the findings of your risk assessment. This must include hazards found and actions taken to lessen or remove the risk. This is proof that the risk assessment was carried out and can be referred to for review. The risk assessment document should be maintained and continually worked on.

5: Your risk assessment must be kept under review so safe working practises can be applied continuously.

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