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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide all our clients with as much information about their policy as possible. This way we are confident you can ensure your Mosque and community is fully protected.

If you have a question that we haven't answered below, please contact our team and we will be more than happy to answer it for you.


What type of institutions can you quote on?
We can quote all types of Islamic Institution's; Mosque, Madrassah's, Independent Faith Schools, House Mosques, Islamic Centres, Community Centres, Charitable Organisations, Mosques undergoing cosmetic renovations, Mosques undergoing structural renovations & Mosques under construction.

We operate as an independent school in the daytime and a mosque in the evenings from the same location, is this okay?
Yes, this won’t be a problem. We have access to insurers who can accommodate a wide scope of risks.

We don't know what the rebuild cost of our Mosque, how do we work this out?
As all buildings vary, it's not possible for us to tell you how much sums insured you need. To calculate your rebuild cost, we advise you speak to a chartered building surveyor.

Our mosque is built of non-standard construction (i.e. mobile units, metal, glass etc), will you be able to quote?
Yes, this won’t be a problem. We have access to insurers who can accommodate a wide scope of risks.

We have a 100% flat roof, will this be acceptable with the insurers?
Yes, insurers will still be able to quote and cover you regardless of your flat roof percentage. However, as industry standard, a flat roof warranty clause will be applied to your policy by the insurer.

Can we insure more than one property?
Yes, you can insure as many properties as your organisation owns under the one policy, even if they are used for different services.

However, this may not always be the best option and you should consider all available avenues on a case by case basis to ensure you get the best cover and price.

Do we need a health and safety policy and a risk assessment?
Yes, health and safety legislation is still applicable even if you are a charity.

What payment options are available?
We offer flexible payment terms (varying from insurer to insurer) which may include:

  • Payment in full by Card, BACs or Cheque
  • 50% at inception followed by the remaining 50% after 30 days
  • Interest FREE direct debit spreading the payment across 10 instalments plus a deposit

We've been asked for a PAYE reference number, what is PAYE and how do we find our PAYE reference number?
PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn, which is a method of paying income tax and national insurance contributions. You must register with the HMRC if you meet their criteria.

You will find your PAYE number on the yellow PAYE Payslip booklet supplied by HMRC.

Insurance Covers

Do we need Employers’ Liability Insurance?
If your organisation has one or more employees, you must by law have Employers’ Liability insurance cover. You can be fined up to £2,500 for each day you do not have it.

Our standard cover is set at £10 million.

We only have volunteers; do we still need Employers’ Liability Insurance?
Yes, your organisation still has the same duty of care to protect volunteers as it would staff under health and safety laws and they should be treated as employees for the purposes of insurance.

What is excess?
This is the first part of any claim that you will have to pay and depending on how the insurers decide to settle your claim, it may be deducted from the overall claim value instead.

Example: if you have claim totalling £5,000 and your excess on the policy is set at £250 then you insurer will deduct the excess of £250 and pay you £4,750.

What will be our excess?
Excess varies from one insurer to another so we can only confirm your excess levels once we obtain a quotation for you. If you have an existing policy, the excess should be listed in your Schedule and other policy documents.

Sometimes, insurers will add a special endorsement onto a policy to increase the excess if the risk is deemed higher than usual. Insurers will also typically set the excess at different rates for varying covers.

Example: The excess for buildings material damage (from theft, fire etc) may be less than that of subsidence damage to the building.

Insurance Warranties

I’ve noticed our policy has warranties, conditions, endorsements, or special terms. What are these?
Policies of insurance contain various terms that you must comply with to ensure that cover will operate. All the leading insurance companies generally apply these as standard.

These terms may be referred to as conditions, endorsements, special terms or warranties. Failure to comply with these terms may leave you with no insurance cover and your claim not being paid.

What are the typical warranties imposed by insurers?
Please refer to our dedicated Warranties page, which looks at some of the typical terms that may apply to your policy. 

Can you help us with addressing the warranties on our policy?
Yes we can. We have a panel of carefully selected specialist service providers who offer a variety of services to ensure that you comply with the warranties applicable to your insurance.

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