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Policies of insurance contain various conditions and warranties that you must comply with to ensure that cover will operate. All the leading insurance companies generally apply clauses as standard.

These terms may be referred to as conditions, endorsements, special terms or warranties. Failure to comply with these terms may leave you with no insurance cover and your claim not being paid.

As Trustees of the committee, you’re paying for an insurance policy to offer you and the Mosque protection in unforeseen circumstances, as such you should take the time to go through your insurance policy very carefully to make sure you are covered and you meet the requirements set by the insurers.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, some of the conditions and warranties that could apply to your policy may include:


Should your sums insured be less than the value of an item insured, you will be considered your own insurer and responsible for a share of the loss.
Gross under-insurance or misrepresentation of values at risk could affect the payment of any claim in total.

Non Disclosure

The policy is voidable if you or anyone acting for you fails to disclose, misrepresents or misdescribes any material fact.

Alteration of Risk

Any material alteration which increases the likelihood of loss may result in the policy being void, unless the Insurers accept such an alteration.

Notice Clause

You have to keep the Insurers up to date with any changes to your circumstances, changes in occupation of the said premises, or if any of the buildings become unoccupied.

Child Education Requirement

You have to ensure that your procedures meet the standards set by the law and that all staff that are in contact with children are subject to a CRB check.

The Health & Safety procedures have to include training in child protection procedures, all staff must initially be overseen by a member of the committee to ensure correct procedures are followed and regular inspections and routine checks must be carried out and documented.

Minimum Security Condition

Your security arrangements must meet or exceed the Minimum Security standards set by the Insurers. This usually means having certain types of door locks and/or key operated locks on windows.

The requirements may also extend to require shutters or grills as well as a specific standard of alarm (i.e. an annually maintained Red Care alarm with Police Response).

Money Escort Condition

Whenever money is in transit, it should be in the custody of the relevant number of able-bodied persons depending on the amount being carried. For example, carrying over £3,000 may require the money to be escorted by 2 individuals.

Roof Maintenance

Any flat roof portion may have to be inspected by a qualified builder or property surveyor (usually once every two years) and any defects brought to light by that inspection have to be repaired immediately.

Portable Heating

Unless specifically agreed by the Insurers, you agree there is no use of or storage on the Premises of any form of portable heating.

Fire Safety

You must comply with the Fire Safety Order, and as such should have a fire detection and warning system in place as well as firefighting equipment which is properly installed and maintained; with staff trained in their use.

Electrical Circuits Condition

All electrical appliances (PAT) and circuits must be tested by qualified electrical engineers (PAT testing usually once every year, whilst once every five years for electrical circuits) and that any defects identified must be remedied.

Gas Appliances

All gas appliances must comply with the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 and copies of the annual safety check records (completed by a Corgi registered contractor) must be retained.

Kitchen Duct, Extraction & Equipment

A cleaning requirement for all cooking fume extraction canopies, ductwork, filters, traps and other grease removal devices and the like.

Unoccupied Property

Insurers must be notified immediately if any occupied building becomes unoccupied or partially unoccupied, or if an unoccupied section becomes occupied. An additional premium and terms may be applied if required.

Once a property becomes unoccupied, certain restrictions will come into force, usually these may include:

  • An increase in excess as well as a reduction in what is covered.
  • All forms of security must be fully operational at all times, additionally Insurers may specify specific security requirements that have to be met (i.e. the letterbox may have to be permanently sealed shut).
  • You will be required to perform an internal and external inspection (usually once every 7 days) as well as keep a written record of the inspection.
  • You may be required to turn off all sources of power, fuel or water at the mains and drain all water pipes, apparatus and tanks.

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