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Terrorism Cover

Importance of Terrorism Insurance Cover

In todays political and social world it is impossible not to think about the consequences of terrorism. Although no one wants to consider the possibility of terrorism affecting their family, friends or loved ones, it is an issue which needs to be addressed. As well as taking steps to protect personal safety, custodians of Islamic institutions including Mosques, Madrassahs, Islamic Schools also need to consider the possibility of taking out terrorism insurance cover.

With terrorism globally affecting religious buildings and institutions, Mosques can be at particular risk of a threat occurring. Due to this, it’s important to ensure buildings, schools and places of worship are fully insured against terrorism-related losses. Mosque insurance, for example, can include cover for terrorist acts, as well as cover against standard damage or disrepair.

What Is Terrorism Insurance Cover?

When buildings are insured, the relevant insurer will pay for losses if damage occurs. The actual type of damage which is covered, however, will depend on the specific policy in question. Similarly, the amount of cover varies so that policyholders can choose the appropriate policy for them. 

If a terrorist act causes damage to religious buildings, such as Mosques, Madrassahs or Islamic schools, valid terrorism insurance cover will enable policyholders to obtain a pay-out from their insurers and this can be used to help rebuild or repair the building.

What Constitutes A Terrorist Act?

When someone commits an act on behalf of an organisation or in conjunction with an organisation and this act is designed to cause fear or harm to the general public, this cnsitutes as an act of terrorism. Acts of terrorism can have devastating consequences for individuals, businesses and society as a whole.

Why Do You Need Terrorism Cover?

With religious institutions often the subject of terrorist attacks, obtaining terrorism insurance for Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic schools is extremely important. Whilst loss of life or physical harm is, of course, the most important issue when dealing with terrorism, obtaining appropriate insurance cover ensures that the cost of damage to property and buildings can be recouped, if necessary.

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